Zynet are evolving

A growing software house in Exeter building bespoke Microsoft and Open Source software solutions to meet the needs for the modern agile business

What we do

Zynet Limited can trace its routes back to the 1990s when it was one of the pioneers of the internet age providing web sites and hosting services. Today Zynet still offers cost effective web sites for small business but has built up an envious team delivering bespoke productivity solutions for businesses of all sizes and markets. Zynet always looks to the future and chooses platforms that provide a future proof, secure, scalable and resilient foundation for improved productivity.

Our sole purpose is to make your business as productive and possible

Zynet solutions empower your investment in existing infrastructure and will integrate with cloud platforms, Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and e-commerce. Our development team can build intranets and extranet solutions, link to the company’s accounts systems or other line of business applications.

To find out more please email info@zynet.net

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